Perks and Benefits

Health Insurance

Health insurance benefit by Centric Gateway offers a comprehensive scheme that includes taking care of the medical expenses of all the employees. The company implies that its health insurance comprises handling the medical treatment of its employees as well.

Professional Development

We believe that modern business infrastructure is always in the phase of upgrade. Therefore, we provide opportunities for learning and improving with time to those who join our team. At Centric Gateway the process of learning, developing and improving never stops.

Working Tools

As an organization, we believe in providing employees with every working tool that enables their productivity. At Gateway Centric, the mission is to provide high-quality service to the clients. Therefore, we entertain no lack of technology that becomes hurdles in our productivity. Working tools like Macbook Pro has proven to provide high-quality service and motivated working enrolment at Centric Gateway.

Team Lunches

The heads at Centric Gateway believes in providing nothing but a healthy and productive working environment to its employees. Therefore, we arrange team lunch so that all the skillful individuals working together can know more about each other. This not only increases priority but also helps in building a healthy work environment.

Flexible Hours

One of the key benefits provided to our employees in becoming part of Centric Gateway is flexible working hours. We realize how your life is more than just corporate functioning. Therefore, we provide our employees with flexible working hours so that they can equally fulfil their other responsibilities.

Current Openings