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The Mission is to offer an integrated Payments Platform that is more efficient, economical, convenient and secure, by maximizing the power of emerging technologies. In doing so, the Centric Gateway payment platform, empowers both businesses and Financial Institutions and the Financial Institution’s customers with the capability to participate in the new age of networked environments.


Technological Advanced Platform To Grow Your Business


Centric Gateway’s online payment process is the ultimate solution needed by internet businesses in the contemporary world. Seerbit helps businesses in enabling technology-driven payment systems to ease their functioning. Seerbit helps businesses in growing and connecting to the global market through a single integration. Get started with SeerBit .

      Payment of Vas

The global widespread usage of mobile phones has encouraged us to build a platform that facilitates the payment procedure of VAS with the help of mobile solutions. Payment of VAS ( Value added services) has become efficient and effective due to our technological improvement.


We believe that nothing acts as a repeller for a business to its clients than a complicated payment procedure. Centric Gateway provides innovative payment platforms and services that helps to expand your business.

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